Automatic No-Show and Automatic Checkout Extension


Automatic No-Show:

Having auto no-show active means that if a guest does not show up on the the next day after arrival date by 2:05AM (your time zone), the system will automatically change the status of the reservation to a no-show.

When you enable the option to automatically change status to "No Show" for reservations not checked-in, all past reservations you have in the system with statuses "Confirmed" and "Confirmation Pending" will be changed to "No-Show" and room assignments will be removed from them.

If a reservation becomes a no show, it will no longer be in your calendar and the availability will be opened up again.

Automatic Checkout Extension:

Having Auto Checkout Extension active means that if a guest's status is not manually checked out, the system will assume that this customer is still in house and will extend that reservation automatically.

Note: All accounts begin with automatic no show and automatic extension ACTIVE by default. To turn off one of these features, please follow the steps below:

  • Click the settings gear icon
  • Go to "General System Settings"
  • On this page, you can set both features to either active or inactive.
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