Why am I unable to create a new user?


This usually occurs when the email was already registered on property, or if the employee has worked in any company that used the myfrontdesk system.

See the screens below how to proceed in such cases.

When creating the user you received an error message

When this kind of message appears it is because the email has already been used in myfrontdesk database.

Workaround I.

In our system 1 email address = 1 user.

So the same email address can't be used in multiple accounts for now (this is something that we have planned out for the future).

You can add to this user  +1 or +[any letter(s)] to the email address if you are using gmail or hotmail (!) as email client. 


1) mariya@gmail.com

2) mariya+1@gmail.com

For your other properties you can continue adding 1 before "@" sign (ex. +2, +3 etc.).

Tip: It will be convenient if you use something different than a number to identify the account. For example if your properties are called First Hotel and Second Hotel, you could instead use user+fh@ and user+sh@ for them ( or user+firsthotel user+secondhotel). This will help to identify which email belongs to which property.

Workaround II.

Association owner can set an email address in the association/group to be the Association user.

Please note! Association users have Property owner level permissions in all of the group properties. So make sure that your manager is supposed to have max permissions if you are using the second option.

If you have an old (cancelled) previous account in Cloudbeds system an would like to open a new account or create a new user with the same email address - open a ticket in support and we will be able to do that for you.

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