Disconnecting an app from myfrontdesk


Disconnecting or revoking access to your myfrontdesk account is as simple as one click.

When you’ve decided you want to disconnect an external application from having access to your Cloudbeds myfrontdesk account, simply go to the Manage Integrations page and delete the app connection from the list.  

Doing this revokes access and the application will no longer act on your behalf or access your myfrontdesk data.

Any data that the app received before you removed access will still be present in the app. (Example: reservation details, guest info, etc) To remove that data on the app and/or delete the account you have with an application, you will need to contact that application / software's support team directly.


  • Deleting the WordPress plugin application means reservations will not be able to be placed using the WordPress booking widget/plugin.
  • If you deleted the Zapier application then Zapier could no longer retrieve information on guests or reservations, which would affect any other application using that information as connected inside Zapier (like Mailchimp, Google Sheets, or any other application using Cloudbeds data).

Deleting an application means that application’s access is revoked immediately.  To reconnect it, you will need to create a new application on the connections page and follow the directions in our “How to connect an application to myfrontdesk” article.

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