Switching to Annual Payments for Cloudbeds




Access the billing portal

After logging into myfrontdesk, click on "Adm" (gear icon) in the top right, then "Billing Portal".


Find the recurring plan

Click on "Billing Information" in the dropdown on the right hand side, then scroll down to the "Recurring Plan" section and click "Edit".


Select Annual Payment

Click on "Annual Payment", then save at the bottom of the page.


Frequently Asked Questions

When will I be billed?

With annual payments you will be billed immediately after you enter billing information.


Can I do a bank transfer?

Yes, although it is not the recommnended option.  Please check out the Payment options for your myfrontdesk account - Setup your Billing Account article for more information.


Can I send a check?

We do not accept checks - please use one of the other payment options.


What happens if I have an outstanding invoice?

You must pay the outstanding invoice first.  As soon as your payment information is added, the system will charge the outstanding invoice (if any) in addition to the Annual invoice.  Your next payment date will be updated to reflect both invoice payments.


  • Let's say today is January 5, 2017
  • You have an outstanding invoice that was generated on January 1 for the month of January
  • If you select Annual Payments, the following will occur:
    1. Your card will be charged immediately for the January 1 invoice
    2. Your card will be charged immediately for the annual invoice
    3. Your next payment date will be forwarded to 13 months in the future - changing it to February 1, 2018

How long is the annual payment?

The annual payment will be from 12 months from your current invoice date. This could be immediately when entering your credit card info or if you have already paid for a period of time it will extend 12 months from that date.


I don't see the annual payment option - why?

Annual Payments is only available to individual properties at this time.  If you have multiple properties that are part of the same billing group, annual payments are not available yet.  We hope to provide annual payments for group accounts soon.

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