Add (Import) reservations with the Quick Import Tool

This article explains the process to import reservations using the Quick Import Tool in Cloudbeds PMS.


Our Quick Import tool is the perfect way to streamline your Cloudbeds PMS setup experience to transfer reservations from a previous system quickly. Follow the steps below to add (import) your property reservations with the Quick Import Tool directly from your Cloudbeds account.

Step 1 - Access Reservation Import Options
  1. Go to the Reservations page of the Main Menu
  2. Click on Reservation Import Options
  3. The manual Quick Import Tool will appear in the description. Continue with Step 2

Property Owner has an access to Reservations page by default. The rest of the users can be given the permission to access this option on the Roles page. Learn more: Roles and Permissions

Step 2 - Fill out reservation details

Import reservations into Cloudbeds by filling out the information of the reservation in the fields:

  1. Select Group Profile and Allotment Block (applicable if Groups feature is enabled)
  2. Fill out all mandatory fields (marked with asterisk red) and other fields as needed
  3. Select other columns to display. All mandatory fields are selected by default.

By selecting the Payment Type and Amount Paid columns and filling out the fields, you will save time instead of going back to each reservation and manually recording the deposit amount to the guest folio.

  • Payment Type: Select this column if there is a deposit made for the reservation or that it has been paid in full.
  • Amount Paid: This column will be available to be selected if you previously selected Payment Type
  • Make sure to fill out all the mandatory fields. Scroll to the right to see all the columns.
  • When any third party source (e.g. OTA) is selected under the column Source, the column Source Reservation ID becomes mandatory. This is to ensure that myallocator (channel manager by Cloudbeds) updates the reservation correctly if a modification/cancellation is made. If you do not need the source reservation ID to receive future modifications from the channel, you may type any numbers. 
  • For more information, check: Making changes to reservations from OTA imported to myfrontdesk manually
  • For PCI compliance and financial security reasons, you cannot add credit card (CC) details through this form. Any CC details will need to be added on the reservation summary page. Check: Add reservation credit card details
  1. If the room rate for each night is different, click the pencil icon (edit) on the Total Room Rate field to modify the rate for each date. Save the changes
  2. Click the plus (+) button to add more rooms or th (x) button to remove the room

Shared dorm rooms: When importing a reservation with multiple dorm beds, click the + button to add more beds. Each dorm bed reserved as a separate line with the number of adults for each bed is "1" (by default).

  1. Click Add Reservation to add more reservations.
  2. Once done, double check all the information and click Save to complete the manual import.

You will see a pop-up on the right corner of the screen that the reservation has been imported successfully:

[Demo] Bali Jungle Resort - Import Reservations

If you receive the following message: Please check and fix all fields marked in red, go back and check all the fields. Remember to scroll to the right to see all the columns.

[Demo] Bali Jungle Resort - Import Reservations
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