Using an iframe with mybookings


The normal mybookings page shows a lot of info, which can be a bit much when displayed in an iframe or integrated into a webpage.  

To streamline this, we created a minimal version of the booking engine, which can be accessed by adding the “?widget=1” parameter to your mybookings URL.

How to find your mybookings URL:

1. Navigate to: Settings - Booking Engine - Mybookings

2. Grab your mybookings link.


3. Add the “?widget=1” parameter.


This version strips a lot of the non-essential elements, such as the map, amenities, and terms and conditions. Images won't open in the gallery,  only thumbnails are displayed.

For full height iframe you should make a changes on your side


New code

<iframe src="https://YOUR-MYBOOKINGS-URL?widget=1" width="100%" scrolling="no" class="iframe-class" frameborder="0" id="cloudbeds">

<!-- Add script to auto-resize the iFrame -->

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script>window.iFrameResize({}, '#cloudbeds')</script>

Notes on security:

Mybookings uses SSL security to ensure that all data passed between our web servers and a guest's browser remains private and integral. For tips on how to ensure that SSL is properly implemented in an iframe solution, please consult our Mybookings Security Measures article.

Using iframes with Wordpress:

Wordpress websites require a different method for adding an iframe and need to be added by using a shortcode. For more info about adding iframes to a Wordpress site, please read this article from Wordpress.

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