End of Day Report / Process


End of Day Report / Process

One of the common questions we receive is how to run an end of day report / process to ensure that all of the day's activities have been logged in the system under the correct day.

This article will discuss that process.

Daily System Posting

The following items are posted to the system t 11:59pm (your property timezome):

  • Posting of Room Revenue
  • Posting of any Taxes assigned to that Room Revenue
  • Automatic Check Out Extension (if enabled)

The following item is posted to the system at 2:00am (your timezone) the following day:

  • No-Show Feature (if enabled)

End of Day Process

Since our system automatically posts the transactions at 11:59pm (property timezome), there is no nightly process that needs to be run.

In the daily financial report once the business date has rolled, the financials will be available to view where you can obtain the ADR, Revpar and so forth.


End of Day Reports

Once the previous day's business has been processed (at 11:59pm your time zone) you will be able to run all of your financial reports to see that day's activities.

Some reports you may want to run are below.

Financial Reports - Daily Financial Report

The daily report should be reviewed by a manager on a daily basis.  It is a comprehensive snapshot of all the activites that happen on a daily basis.  One of the main premises of this report is that it compares 1 day against the average of the days in a month.  Reviewing this report will allow you to:

1.  Track production

2.  See staff errors

3.  Calculate loss of revenue due to discounting

4.  Prepare for the next 2 weeks

More information can be found here:  Report: Daily Report


Financial Reports - Transactions

Also known as the "room and tax" report, the Transactions Report provides great detail about your transactions.

More information can be found here:  Transactions Report

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