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Email Templates - How to use Merge tags (shortcodes)


Merge tags (shortcodes) allow you to include multiple dynamic data points within your email templates. This includes custom fields, information related to the guest, and information related to the reservation.

Learn more about email templates, visit the following article: Email Templates

What is a Merge Tag?

Any section within brackets (i.e. [hotel name]) is known as a merge tag. Merge tags are dynamically populated shortcuts.

Here is how they work:

Let's say you want to have your company's name show up within an email template, you could write it all out each time you wanted it to be shown or you could use the merge tag [hotel name].

When your guest sees the email your full hotel name will show up anywhere you've used that merge tag. We also have merge tags that will automatically add confirmation numbers, cancellation numbers, and more.

We recommend that you do not change the default merge tags, but feel free to add new one's for your property's needs.

Current list of non-custom field merge tags

The list is constantly updated by our team. If you want to request any system data to be displayed through the merge tag, please add your suggestion to our Idea Board.

It's not possible to edit or translate the Information populated by the Merge Tag [table] as they are based on the configurations in your Cloudbeds PMS account.


  • Name of your property [hotel name]
  • Confirmation number of the reservation [conf number]
  • Cancellation number of cancelled reservation [canc number] 


  • Name of your property [hotel name]
  • Property phone number [hotel phone]
  • Property email address [hotel email]
  • Property street address [hotel address1]
  • City property is located in [hotel city]
  • State property is located in [hotel state]
  • Confirmation number of the reservation [conf number]
  • Cancellation number of the reservation [canc number]
  • Cancellation fee of the reservation [cancellation fee]
  • Arrival Date [start date]
  • Departure Date [end date]
  • Room Numbers [room number]
  • Invoice [invoice number]
  • Invoice Due [invoice datedue]
  • Credit Note Number (If Advanced Invoicing is enabled) [credit note number]
  • Number of nights on the reservation: [nights]
  • Room type: [room type]
  • Custom cancellation policy: [custom cancellation policy]
  • source: [source]
  • guest full name: [full name]
  • guest first name: [first name]
  • guest last name: [last name]
  • guest address 1: [address1]
  • guest address 2: [address2]
  • guest email: [email]
  • guest phone: [phone]
  • guest cell phone: [cell phone]
  • special requests: [special requests]
  • guest country: [country]
  • guest city: [city]
  • guest state: [state]
  • guest zip: [zip]
  • hotel name: [hotel name]
  • hotel address1: [hotel address1]
  • hotel address2: [hotel address2]
  • hotel city: [city]
  • hotel state: [state]
  • hotel zip: [zip]
How to create Custom Merge Tags

You may create custom merge tags by entering an internal field shortcode for custom fields.

  1. Go to Custom Fields page.
  2. Click on Add New or edit already existing one.
  3. Enter the internal field shortcode.
  1. The shortcode will appear as a merge tag when editing email templates. It will auto populate the data from specific reservation if the custom field was filled.
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