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Calendar - Troubleshooting Drag and Drop Reservations


Cloudbeds PMS allows moving reservations from one room type/unit to another. However, there are some limitations which won't allow you to move reservations by dragging and dropping them.


A reservation will not be able to be dragged and dropped in different scenarios.

As a general rule, a reservation that is In-house cannot be dragged and dropped to a different room type.

This can be fixed by either:

  1. Changing the whole reservation status from In-house to Confirmed.
  2. Changing the remaining dates to a split reservation which can then be assigned/dragged & dropped (recommended).

Find detailed instructions below:

Solution 1 - Change the whole reservation's status from in house to confirmed

If the reservation is in the past, changing the reservation status won't allow you to drag and drop the reservation on the calendar. You will be able to change the guest's room dates by editing reservation.

Change the reservation status to Confirmed directly in the reservation.

When the reservation is confirmed, drag and drop it to a different room type.

If the prices of the rooms are different, a warning message will appear and you'll have the option to override the difference, continue without overriding, or cancel the change.

Once the booking is reassigned, check the guest in again directly from the calendar.

Other reasons and solutions

The Calendar Assignment is locked

Issue: The reservation has a lock icon next to the guest's name on the calendar, as shown below. Meaning, a user locked the room assignment for this reservation.

Solution: We recommend to check if you can remove the calendar assignment since it could be a reason behind it (example: the guest asked to stay on this room when they booked the reservation).

For further information about it and how to remove calendar assignment, check the following article: Calendar - How to Lock/Unlock Assignments

Marcos Borges Test Property - Calendar - Google Chrome
The room has an In-house guest

Issue: The room you want to drop the reservation into still has a guest in it who has not been checked out yet

Solution: Check out the current guest before dragging in the new booking

The room type is not available

Issue: The selected room is not available for all of the days booked by the reservation. This includes past dates as well.  

SOLUTION: make a split reservation as shown on steps above.

The In-house reservation you'd like to move checks out today
Marcos Borges Test Property - Calendar - Google Chrome

Solution: Go to reservation details and change the assignment manually

Marcos Borges Test Property - Reservations - Google Chrome
The selected room has a room block

Solution: Remove the room block or assign to an available room.

Marcos Borges Test Property - Calendar - Google Chrome
The reservation has a higher number of guests

Issue: The reservation has a higher number of guests attached to it than occupancy for the room.
Example: Farrah's reservation can't be moved to a Shared Dorm since the reservation has 2 guests and the Dorm room allows only 1 guest per bed.

Marcos Borges Test Property - Calendar - Google Chrome

Solution: add the guest as a new accommodation inside the reservation or move the reservation to a different room type that allows the number of guests.

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