Zapier - Everything You Need to Know

Zapier is a program that allows you to link the web apps you use to run your business. Whether it's automating tasks or just exporting data, Zapier offers a lot of great options.

Cloudbeds' connection with Zapier currently only sends information out, and does not import anything from the apps Zapier connects with. While we may expand this in the future, Zapier is currently a one-way integration.

How to Sign Up

  • Zapier has a free plan. It does have some limitations, but they usually aren't a problem for most of our clients. The free plan includes up to 5 different Zaps, 100 tasks and each Zap runs every 15 minutes.
  • If you need more connections with more tasks or more frequent data check on your Zap, check their paid plans here:

Go to Zapier's Knowledge Base and read through their tutorials. You'll want to make sure you have a good grasp of the fundamentals and options available to you. Check our templates here.

Zapier Templates

We've created some quick templates for our most common Zaps below. If you are using Zapier for the first time, check out more in-depth article on how to create a Zap: Create your first Zap

Support and liability information

For questions regarding general Zapier use, please contact Zapier's support team. If you have a development related question or feedback, however, you can absolutely let us know.

Should something undesirable occur due to a Zapier configuration, while we will attempt to do our best to resolve everything possible on our end, the property user is the one ultimately responsible. This isn't something that you'll likely need to worry about, but we do need to mention it.

We're looking forward to seeing what you create with Zapier and Cloudbeds! Be sure to give us updates on zap templates you create so we can include them in a resource base for future users.


We'd love to hear from you about your Zapier use cases! Provide as many details as possible and we might build a new trigger or a search if it's possible. Submit your ideas here!

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