How To Set Up Items and Categories


This article will walk you through the process of how to set up Items and Categories for your property in myfrontdesk.

Note: Items and Categories is a feature for standard and premium myfrontdesk subscribers, if you are currently subscribed to a light version and would like to upgrade, please contact our support team.

Step 1: Log into myfrontdesk by Cloudbeds

Step 2: Navigate to Settings > Items and Categories


Step 3: Select the Categories Tab & + NEW ITEM CATEGORY

Note: You will want to build your categories first as you will need to attach it to items in the next step

Step 4: Add Product Category

  1. Enter the Category Name
  2. Enter the Category Code - if applicable
  3. Select a color to be applicable to category - optional
  4. Save Item Category

Step 5: Category Completed

  • Once you have successfully saved item category it will be listed in the ITEM CATEGORIES section - see below
  • You can make additional categories specific to your property by following the previous steps.

Step 6: Editing Categories

1) Select the category that needs to be edited

2) Select the pencil icon to change the area that needs to be modified ( Name, Code or Color)

Step 7: Click on Items -- +NEW ITEMS

Step 8: Adding New Product

  1. Enter Product Name
  2. SKU Number - REQUIRED ,If you press the  tab button in this section the system will automatically assign a SKU Number to item
  3. Enter Item Code or Product Code - Property specific
  4. Category - Link item to the designated category
  5. Description - Optional
    • REQUIRE DESCRIPTION - when this option is selected a BLUE check mark will be visible. This requires that anyone posting charges for this item will be prompted to add a description before it will post to guest account.
    • PRICE- enter the price that will be associated with item - required
      • If there is no price associated with item - select the box stating "THIS ITEM DOES NOT HAVE PRICE"


Step 8: Adding New Product

Step 9: Adding New Product (Cont.) -

  • 6. Select the Drop down-box to add taxes or fees that will be associated to the item
  • 7. If the taxes or fees are not listed, you will need to click on the link "CREATE/MODIFY TAX OR FEE"
  • 8)  Click on the SAVE ITEM BUTTON to ensure that all transactions are saved properly.
Step 9: Adding New Product - cont'd

Step 10: Editing Items

1) Go to the Item that you want to edit

2) Select the pencil icon to make any changes necessary to item - click on save once you are done.


Step 10: Editing Items
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