QuickBooks Merchant Services Connection Guide


In this article you will learn how to setup QuickBooks Merchant Services as your payment gateway inside of Cloudbeds.

Note: Before starting these steps, you must already have a QuickBooks Merchant Services account. 

Step 1: Go to myfrontdesk account. Click on the settings gear icon and then select "Payment Options"

Step 2: Click on the "inactive" button to activate your payment gateway

Step 3: Enter your QuickBooks Merchant Service credentials

1. Select from the list of options select "Quickbooks Merchant Services"

2. Enter your App Login

3. Enter QuickBooks Connection Ticket.

*A connection ticket needs to be created within Quickbooks. You can learn how to do that, by clicking here.

When making the connection ticket, select "https://hotels.cloudbeds.com/" as your website URL

4. Click "Connect Gateway" to save your credentials.

If you need to create connection credentials:

- Go to the following article and follow the steps provided:

- Login to QuickBooks Payments account

- Select "create new payment (QBMS) app"

- Select the following settings when prompted:

  • Application type: Desktop
  • Environment: Production
  • Application name: Your choice
  • Application Identifier: Also your choice
  • Domain: cloudbeds.com
  • App Login: Will likely be generated for you and created as a combo of both the application identifier and domain added

-On the results page, you will see your App ID and App Login. Take note of these for when you create the connection ticket.

-Once completed, go to "App Details" and change the gateway status to active and then select save.

-From there, go through the process again of creating a connection ticket with the new info.

-Add the new credentials to myfrontdesk


  • If you have multiple properties, they will each need their own connection ticket. 
  • If you have multiple properties and each property has it's own quickbooks account, you will need to create a separate app and corresponding connection ticket for each.
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