Authorizing A Card With The Payment Gateway Feature


Authorized credit cards

If the credit card has already been authorized, you will see three button next to it:

  • Authorize
    • Authorizing a credit card that already has an authorization will void the previous authorization, and create a new one for the new amount. (Note: authorization hold will be automatically released after a while, please check with payment gateway to get specific details)
  • Capture
    • Will capture the funds of the existing authorization. A field will appear to enter the amount, which can be less than or equal to the authorization amount. If a smaller amount is entered, the remained of the amount will be voided. If a larger amount is entered, the transaction will fail.
  • Void
    • Will void the existing authorization and release the hold.

Authorize an unauthorized credit card

To authorize a credit card that has not yet been authorized, click on "View Credit Cards and Authorizations". Click Add Card on the left side and enter all the details. After the details have been entered, you will see an option to authorize the credit card and enter the amount to authorize it for


Logging the Authorization and Capture

When the Authorization and the Capture are the same amount, you will see both transactions listed for the same price, and they will contain the same Transaction ID.  This shows that we logged both transactions, but the money was only collected once due to using the same Transaction ID for both transactions.

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