Set up PayPal as a payment option

Cloudbeds booking engine allows guests to choose PayPal as a payment method to pay for their reservation deposit using their PayPal accounts.

This article will walk you through the process of setting up PayPal as payment option for your guests. PayPal Payflow is not the same as a regular PayPal account. Learn more here

See the most Frequently Asked Questions about PayPal in this article PayPal Payment Option - FAQ and Troubleshooting

Getting started

PayPal token is required if Payment Data Transfer is activated in Website Payment Preferences section of your PayPal account. Have your PayPal Identity Token ready at hand (this will be needed in the next steps). Learn more from PayPal: How do I enable Payment Data Transfer (PDT token)?

The screenshot below may not be the most updated PayPal version, refer to PayPal help guide or contact their support for more information or assistance.

Add PayPal as a payment option

  1. Account.
  2. Settings.
  3. Select Payments.
  4. Go to PayPal tab.
  5. Switch the toggle Activate/Deactivate to green (active).
  • The deposit amount for reservations created via the booking engine will be transferred directly to your Paypal account and the payment will be posted automatically to your guest's folio.
  • Reservations which were made with PayPal come into Cloudbeds PMS without credit card details. It means that if you setup a policy to charge a deposit that is any less than 100% your staff will have to contact the guest to ask for credit card details in order to cover the remaining balance.
  • In case you decide to deactivate PayPal as your payment option, all the records of added payments will still appear on the reservations and also reports. Deactivating a payment method will no longer allow you to add that payment type going forward.
  1. Enter the Email Address that your PayPal account is registered.

The funds will automatically be withdrawn and transferred to this account, unless, you have a setting inside PayPal that requires you to review the payment first.

  1. Enter Identity Token if necessary. See section above: Getting started
  2. Enter the First and Last Name of the person the account is registered under.
  3. Click SAVE to complete the process.
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