Adding Paypal As a Payment Option


This article will walk you through the process of setting up Paypal as payment option for your guests on booking engine.

Log into myfrontdesk by Cloudbeds

1 - Click on Gear Icon
2 - Payment Options
3 - Click on 'Paypal' tab
4 - Enable Paypal Option by toggling the switcher to 'Active'

1 - Once it's 'Active', enter the email address that your Paypal account is registered. Funds will automatically be withdrawn and transferred to this account.
2 - Enter Token - Paypal identify Token is required if Payment Data Transfer is activated in Website Payment Preferences section of your Paypal account.
3 - Enter the First Name of the person the account is registered under - required to proceed
4 - Enter the Last Name of the person the account is registered under - required to proceed

Click SAVE to complete the process

Frequently Asked Questions
Why is the Paypal Token not required?

The Paypal token is actually not a required field if "Payment Data Transfer" is not enabled in the Paypal backend. Having this enabled simply allows us to get more details about the transaction.

In order to have the Paypal Token I need to activate "Auto Return for Website Payments" and use a URL, what one should I use for Cloudbeds?

The return URL refers to the confirmation page that we show after the reservation was successfully completed. 

This is the one you'll want to use:

Alternatively, you can also use the following URL if the first URL is not successful: 

The "NNNN" should be replaced by your Cloudbed account's unique Property ID. This is the unique number attached to your account and can be found in the URL of every page on your platform. It will most likely be a four-digit number, but might be shorter for older accounts.

I have PayPal Payflow Pro, how do I connect?

PayPal Payflow Pro needs to be setup through our payment processing gateway.

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