Updating Arrival & Departure Information


Use these options to define the terms and conditions for which you will accept reservations. These are the terms that will be a legally binding obligation between you and the guest in order to guarantee a room stay at your property. A guest must accept your terms when they complete the reservation checkout process and you must provide the services under the terms that you have offered them through your website.

This tutorial will take you through how to update your arrival, departure and late checkout info.

  1. Click on the "manage" gear icon to go to the settings menu and navigate to the Policies page
  2. Click on the "Arrival & Departure" Tab
  3. Set your check-in and check-out time

4.    (Optional) Setup up a late check out
If you would like to charge or specify a late check-out you can:

  1. First move the slider to yes
  2. Set your late check-out time
  3. Choose the type of charge (Percentage or Fixed)
  4. Set the percentage or fixed amount of the late check-out charge
    (Optional) Set your late check-out fee to $0 if you don't charge a late check-out fee

Note: This is just an information field that doesn't check nor update your availability

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