How to set up and update Terms & Conditions for your property


Every property has its own policies and you must include your property's terms on your Terms & Conditions section. Make sure to set up all of your policies before you go live so that you are fully protected and information is clearly described for your guests.

The Terms and Conditions will be displayed on your booking engine only, this information will not be shared with your connected channels.

For an overview of the Policies section, check out this article: Policies Overview

How to set up and update Terms & Conditions

  1. Click on Manage (gear icon)
  2. Navigate to the Policies page.
  3. Go to Terms & Conditions.
  4. Choose which language to enter terms and conditions for.
  5. Enter your terms and conditions.
  6. Save.

The system will not translate the terms and conditions automatically. If you want to display this text in different languages on your booking engine, switch the language and add the text manually translated.

Once your Terms and Conditions are set, you can see the text in the booking engine, in the Property Information section:

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