How to set up the Credit Card payment option?


This article will walk you through the process of setting up the credit card payment option. 

Configuration of Credit Card as Payment Method
  1. Click on the gear icon, then select Payment Options
  2. Go to 'Credit Card' tab
  3. To make the payment method available for direct reservations, check the box "Direct / Dashboard Reservations". To make the payment method available for guests on the booking page, check the box "MyBookings Booking engine".

4. If you need to add any card type besides the ones added to the system by default, click 'Add Credit Card'

Adding a New Credit Card:

  • Select the Card Type you need to add.
  • Select if the new credit card will be accepted on either Direct/Dashboard Reservations an/or Booking Engine Reservations.
  • Click on Save to ensure that the information is saved properly.

5. Once you have clicked SAVE in the previous step, it will bring you to this screen.

  • To edit - click on the [pencil] icon next to the credit card name
  • To delete - click on the [x] icon next to the credit card name

6. You can also enable the option - 'Suggest to store credit card information when adding payment'.

When Credit Card payment is being added to a reservation, our system will automatically show the fields to enter Credit Card data. Leave this unchecked if you prefer not to store credit card data.

Please Note: Due to security reasons, the credit card data is available up until 14 days after the check-out date. After this period, the guests’ credit card information will be deleted from the system and from our data vaults.

Configuration of Processing Credit Cards (*available only if payment processing is enabled)

Payment Processing, which allows to charge credit cards through gateway connected to myfrontdesk, is an add on feature, if you'd like to activate, please contact our support team at for more details.

1. Connect the Payment Gateway.

This feature will connect your payment gateway to allow myfrontdesk to authorize credit cards and transfer the funds to your bank account. 

Detailed information about this option can be found in this article: Payment Processing Setup

2. Setup Processing Methods

Select a default method for new reservations from the Internet Booking Engine, as well as certain OTAs (if Distribution is enabled).

3 options are available:

  • Do nothing. I will process payments at a later time (The credit card information will be saved into the application for later use. Cloudbeds will not attempt to collect the payment or verify the validity of the credit card.)
  • Authorize credit card for amount of deposit, but do not collect the payment (When this is selected, Cloudbeds sends the transaction to your processor for authorization. If approved, the transaction is placed in your Unsettled Transactions with a status of Authorized/Pending Capture. The authorization places the funds on hold with the guest's bank. When the transaction is captured, the funds transfer process will occur. This can be useful in situations where the reservation is booked for a later date. You can authorize the transaction to ensure funds availability, then capture the transaction to obtain the funds upon arrival.)
  • Process the payment for amount of deposit (With this transaction type, the process is completely automatic. The transaction is submitted to your processor for authorization and, if approved, is placed in your Unsettled Transactions with the status Captured Pending Settlement. The transaction will settle at your next synchronization with credit card company (varies according to payment gateway)
    • Perform this action immediately (the deposit will be processed right after the reservation is made)
    • Postpone until closer to arrival date (the deposit will be automatically processed x-days before guest's arrival: basically scheduled payment will be added to reservation)

Packages and add-ons won't be included to deposit amount! They should be charged additionally

3. Set up billing address requirements

Check the appropriate boxes below if you would like to capture the billing address for each credit card. This can be used to enabled AVS features with your payment gateway.


  1. These options are only valid for reservations made in mybookings and directly in myfrontdesk. These rules do not apply to OTA bookings, and OTAs may or may not send all the guest billing details. 
  2. Turning them on also enables the fields when user wants to edit credit card details, to include missing information.
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