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Why can't I add a direct reservation?


This article will discuss the most likely reasons that a direct reservation cannot be created.

Possible reason 1. Availability
  1. Menu
  2. Calendar
  3. Verify how many rooms are available in each of the rooms categories for each day.
  4. For example, there is no availability on May 10th for the Standard room, therefore it will not be available to make a reservation.
Possible reason 2. Rates

The room/beds with zero rates will not be available for booking.
Please make sure to add rates if you want to sell this room by following these instructions: How to Add / Edit Base Rates

DEMO Mountain Resort and Spa - Calendar - Google Chrome
Possible reason 3. Restrictions

While reviewing the room information on the availability matrix, ensure that no restrictions exist that would prevent the reservation from being created, such as Minimum Night Stay or Maximum Night Stay.

DEMO Mountain Resort and Spa - Availability Matrix - Google Chrome
Possible reason 4. Accommodation is Blocked or Closed for Arrival

Access the Availability Matrix and make sure that the room is not Blocked or Closed to Arrival or Closed to Departure:

DEMO Mountain Resort and Spa - Availability Matrix - Google Chrome
Possible reason 5. Overbooking

If you have negative availability for one room but positive for another one, like here:

In the case above, the total availability for your property will be calculated as: -1+1=0, and this is the reason why none of the rooms will be available for a direct reservation, even though you can see that there is 1 room available.

If you have an overbooking setting disabled here: Rates and Availability->Availability Matrix->Settings-> Overbooking Settings you will not be able to add a reservation when there is no availability

You can find more about overbooking features here: Overbookings features in Cloudbeds

The system works like this in order to prevent overbookings. If one of your room types is overbooked, you would want to have availability in another room category in order to accommodate the guest.

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