Reservation Tab - Bulk Actions: How to do batch reservation updates

The Bulk Action option allows you to perform a specified action on multiple reservations. This includes checking in reservations simultaneously, checking them out, adding a payment, or deleting them. Check in this article how to use the bulk action feature.

If you cannot perform the Bulk Actions, your user may not have the necessary permissions to manage. Contact the Property Owner and ask them to enable the needed permissions under your user role.

For further information permissions, check Roles and Permissions.

Getting Started

  1. Navigate to the Reservations page
  2. Use the filters if you want to show specific reservations
  3. This checkbox allows you to select all of the reservations on the current screen - Use to select each reservation
  4. Once selected click on Bulk Action

Select the Bulk Action option

Under the drop-down menu, you have the following options:

1 - Check-In

Check-In - Allows you to assign rooms, see balance due and check in the guest

2 - Check-Out

Check-Out - Allows you to see the balance due and check out all reservations at once

  • Be attentive to the Balance Due before proceeding
  • If this option is off under the user's role, the user will not be able to check out reservations without settling the balance due first.

If you have permission and try to check out a reservation that has a balance due, the system will display the following warning:

3 - Add Payment

Add Payments - allows you to add payments to the guest folio - You can choose:

  1. Payment Type
  2. Custom amount or the full remaining balance
  3. Which date you would like to post the payment (Created, Arrival, Departure Dates or Select a Custom Date)

The payment will be added to the guest's folio based on your choices.

If you are using a Payment Gateway, this bulk action will not trigger the payment gateway - It will just add a payment to the guest folio as a credit.

4 - Delete Reservations

Delete Reservations - allows you to delete the reservations from the system

  • This action can not be undone
  • If the user role has this option off, the user will not see the "Delete Reservation option" - Please check more details here: Roles and Permissions
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