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How to edit the Suggested Deposit while creating a Direct Reservation


This article will show you how to change the suggested deposit while creating a direct reservation in Cloudbeds PMS.

Create a Direct Reservation and edit the Suggested Deposit

Refer to the following articles to check all the details about creating a new direct reservation:

  1. Select the Source. In this case, it needs to be a Direct Source (for example: Walk-in) and not Third Party
  2. Select the Check-in and Check-out Dates
  3. Search for availability
  4. Select the number of guests and the accommodation quantity
  5. Click to ADD
  6. Go to Booking Details
  1. Add the guest information in the Reservation Details
  2. Click on Confirm and Pay
  1. On the Payment page, click to edit the Suggested Deposit
  2. After you change the suggested deposit, click on Confirm Reservation
  1. Confirm to send or not the Reservation Confirmation.
  • This change will be applied only on this specific reservation. The suggested deposit under your Polices page remains the same.
  • Learn how to change the suggested deposit settings: How To Set a Guest Deposit
  • If the reservation is modified (number of nights, different room type, new items added, etc.) the suggested deposit will be automatically updated, based on your Policies. Click to learn more about How to edit reservation.
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