How to change the Check-in / Check-out dates


In this article you will learn how to change the check in or check out dates for both "Direct reservations" and "Third-Party reservations"

If you want to edit a third-party reservations (coming from OTAs) please take into consideration the following:

1. Decreasing the length of stay - we advise you to modify the reservation on the extranet, as that will lower your channel commission fee.

Please note that not all the OTAs support sending modifications to Cloudbeds. Full list of channel's features (including modifications) can be found here.

2. Increasing the length of stay - please follow the below-mentioned steps

Option 1

This option will be useful for extending reservations for a short period of time.

1- Go to "Reservation" on your menu bar

2- Click on the "guest name" to see the details of the reservation

3- Click on "Edit" icon (gear icon)

4- Choose "Quick Edit" option

5- Select the new check in / check out dates

6- Click on Save updates

Option 2

This option will be useful for long stays

Access the appropriate reservation

  1. Click on "EDIT RESERVATION" 
  2. Select the room 
  3. Change check-in / check-out date
  4. Click on "Search" to check the availability
  5. Select the room and click on "Update"(If desired, you can also switch the room type)
  6. Please, make sure to click on "Save Updates"
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