How can I delete a reservation?


NOTE: This functionality is available by default for the Cloudbeds Support or account Administrator. To turn on for other user's you can edit it in the Roles (See below).


OPTION 1. Delete booking on 'Reservations' page

1) Go to 'Reservations' page

2) Find the needed reservation in the list (you may use Filter to search for several bookings).
Next to the reservation you will see 'x'-sign, click it to delete the reservation

OPTION 2. Delete booking on 'Reservation Details' page 

1) Go to certain reservation 

2) Click the trash icon on top right side of the screen 

3) You will see the following notification. Click 'Delete' to confirm



Enabling 'Delete Reservations' for other users

1) Navigate to 'Roles' page under User Management section:

2) Select a role and click pencil icon

3) Scroll down to 'Reservations' tab and enable access for 'Delete Reservation' functionality


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