Cloudbeds Booking Engine - All you need to know


Cloudbeds Booking Engine (mybookings) is our commission-free booking engine fully controlled by myfrontdesk Property Management System (PMS).

It works as a separate website (pulling rates and availability from myfrontdesk PMS) or as a built-in booking window for your website or Facebook page.

On this article you can check all you can do on your booking engine.


Mybookings allows you to:

  • Sell your rooms with special pricing and gain more guests without paying commission to third-parties
  • Customize the booking engine to match your website’s look and feel
  • Effectively manage rates, packages and promotions to increase the sale of rooms
  • Manage your property description, address, contact info, amenities, rooms descriptions, photos, policies, emails and much more

How it works

How It Looks

Here's an example of how your booking engine may look like on desktop and mobile version with property/accommodations photos uploaded to myfrontdesk:

There are two possible designs offered: Gallery and List Designs. Check the following article for further details: Mybookings - Gallery vs List Design

Booking Engine Features

You have either free and paid booking engine settings and features. Visit each article/hyperlink below to learn more about each feature and feel free to reach to Cloudbeds support team in case of any questions or to inquire about pricing to enable these extra features.

General Settings

On mybookings settings page, you may control many of the booking engine's features.

On this page you can find all the available settings for your booking engine like: option to book specific accommodations, credit card CVV, language settings, and more.

Visit this page to check further details about the Booking Engine settings

DEMO - Karina's Hostel - Manage - Mybookings Settings - Google Chrome

Increase your Revenue

  • Rate Checker -  it help your guests monitor the rates across all your distribution sites and compare them with your direct rates
  • Add-Ons (services and products) - increase your revenue by selling products and services
  • Rate Plans and Packages -  create rate plans (with a promo code, if necessary) and it'll be displayed and sold on your booking engine


We have several apps that integrate with Cloudbeds and a few of them can be useful for your booking engine:

  • On the following article you can check the full apps list: Apps integrated with myfrontdesk
  • Reach out to the partners to inquire about availability, pricing and more!

Google Analytics

Never again wonder how many guests visit your website but book with an Online Travel Agency (OTA).

The booking engine tracks booking engine visits, clicks, and conversions - Google Analytics helps you discover how effective your online marketing is, so you can make changes to improve it.

Check the following article to learn more: Google Analytics for mybookings booking engine

Personalized & Professional Emails

  • Make your reservation process professional and personalized from start to finish
  • Customize our email templates to match your property’s website branding
  • Craft confirmation emails for different types of reservations, including those with or without deposits

Check out this article to learn more about creating and editing email templates and read how to schedule an email for sending them to the guest

Social Medias

As travelers have more accommodation options to choose from, you have to find new ways to stay engaged with your potential guests and stand out from your competition.

Check how to add your booking engine link to the following social medias:

Flexible Payment Options

With Payment Processing functionality enabled in myfrontdesk you may also setup automatic authorization or charge of your guests' credit cards during the booking on mybookings or collect credit card data to charge the guests later.

Check this article to find out more about how to setup automatic charges or authorizations for mybookings

Customization and Widgets

  • You can also match your website’s existing branding or create your unique style by customizing your booking engine
  • Widget is website element which can be added to your website and is displayed like search bar or search button.

Feel free to visit the following article to check the most frequently asked questions: Cloudbeds Booking Engine - Frequently Asked Questions

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