Installing The Facebook App


Warning: This button is not going to work when accessing Facebook page through mobile version

Follow the link below to enabled an option for your guest to access Mybookings within  mobile version Facebook Pages - Adding a Book Now Button

Step 1: Settings

  1. Before beginning the process, make sure that your facebook page is open (logged in to the admin user).
  2. Log into your myfrontdesk platform and click on the settings icon
  3. Access the "Facebook App" option in your configuration menu

Step 2: Add the Facebook app

  1. Add Facebook App
  2. Choose the proper Page to add to your Facebook account (this will be your property page).
  3. Add Page Tab
  4. Installation is Complete!

Changing the App name

  1. Click More
  2. Manage Tabs
  3. Add or Remove Tabs
  4. Find Cloudbeds
  5. Edit Settings
  6. Enter a name in the Custom Tab Name
  7. Save

To move the tab

  1. More
  2. Manage Tabs
  3. Find your Tab name, and drag it to the desired location (near the top)
  4. Save
  5. Now, your FaceBook App will appear in the top bar
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