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How to Prevent Same-Day Bookings


This article shows you how to disable the same day bookings option for the Cloudbeds Booking Engine and all of your connected channels.

This feature applies to Cloudbeds Booking Engine and all connected channels that support this feature.

Follow the steps:

Property Owner has access to General System Settings by default. Other users must be granted permission Hotel Profile in their role. Learn more: Roles and Permissions

  1. Click Manage (gear icon).
  2. Go to General System Settings.
  3. Scroll down to Automation Preferences and switch OFF Allow same-day bookings on mybookings and channels (toggle grey).
  4. Click Save.

Can I allow same-day booking but only until certain time of the day?

Yes, enable the option Allow same-day bookings on the Booking Engine and channels? and specify until what time guest is allowed to make the same-day booking.

Note: Time range starts from 00:00 AM - 23:59 PM. Leaving the button OFF allows guests to book same-day booking 24 hours.

When the local time of your property reached the time specified in the cutoff time, Cloudbeds Channel Manager will auto-set the inventory to zero and close out the room for that same day.

Since Cloudbeds does not control the features in each channel, we suggest verifying with the channels (OTAs) if they have their own cutoff times.

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