How To Set Up Categories


This article will walk you through the process on how to set up Categories for your property in myfrontdesk. During setup our implementation will help make sure that your existing categories for your property are accurate but in the event it needs to be changed or modified then please follow these steps.

Step 1: Log into myfrontdesk by Cloudbeds

Step 2: Click on "Settings" gear icon - Items

Step 2: Click on "Settings" gear icon - Items

Step 3: Select the Categories Tab & + NEW ITEM CATEGORY

Note: You will want to build your categories first as you will need to attach it to items in the next step

Step 4: Add Product Category

  1. Enter the Category Name
  2. Enter the Category Code - if applicable
  3. Select a color to be applicable to category - optional
  4. Save Item Category

Step 5: Category Completed

  • Once you have successfully saved item category it will be listed in the ITEM CATEGORIES section - see below
  • You can make additional categories specific to your property by following the previous steps.

Step 6: Editing Categories

1) Select the category that needs to be edited

2) Select the pencil icon to change the area that needs to be modified ( Name, Code or Color)


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