How do I add or update guest contact information?


Follow these steps to add, change, or update guest contact information.

Step #1 Navigate to the "Customer" tab within your dashboard.

Step #2 Select the guest you want to update.

Search for the guest you are working with and click on their name to get to the Guest Details tab.

Step #3 Start Editing

From the Guest Details tab, you can edit guest info at any time.

To begin editing, click the "EDIT" button.

Step #4 Save your changes/updates.

You are now in edit mode, click on each line you want to edit and make your desired changes. Once you have made your changes, select the "SAVE" button at the bottom righthand side of your screen to save your changes and exit the edit mode.

Your edits are now live and your guest has been updated. Woohoo!

Step #4 Save your changes/updates.
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