Why do I have a discrepancy with the guest reservations section compared to the rooms sold/occupancy report


The system pulls all the data from the following reservation statuses for the selected period you choose to calculate your Rooms Sold /Occupancy Report.

  • Status "Confirmation Pending"
  • Status "Confirmed"
  • Status "In-house"
  • Status "Checked-out"

The following statuses are not part of the calculation:

  • Cancelled
  • No-show

If you choose to export the data from the reservations tab, it is imperative that the room number is added as a column as this will ensure that the proper room nights are calculated correctly if you are opting to do the manual calculations. The minimum fields are listed below:

  1. Guest Name
  2. Room Number
  3. Nights
  4. Check In Date
  5. Check Out Date
  6. Status

Special Notes:

  • For reservations that overlap into another month, you will need to remove nights from the previous month and add to the next month.

             Example: Reservation Dates 5/31/14 - 6/6/14 

                Only 1 night room sold will be applied to the month of May

                The remaining 5 room nights will be transfered to the month of June


  • For Reservations that have mulitple rooms, you will want to add the additional nights for the other rooms as the export will only list one of the rooms.

            Example:  Room Numbers 101, 103, 105

                Reservation Dates: 1/5/16-1/6/16

              The number of nights on the export will only show 1 for the total                       number of nights. It does not take into consideration there are                           multiple rooms thus you will need to add 2 more room nights sold to                 make it a total of 3 room nights sold.            



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