Why do I have a discrepancy between the guest reservations section and the rooms sold/occupancy report

The system pulls all the data from the following reservation statuses for the selected period you choose to calculate your Rooms Sold /Occupancy Report.

  • Status "Confirmation Pending"
  • Status "Confirmed"
  • Status "In-house"
  • Status "Checked-out"

The following statuses are not part of the calculation:

  • Cancelled
  • No-show

If you choose to export the data from the reservations tab, it is imperative that the room number is added as a column as this will ensure that the proper room nights are calculated correctly if you are opting to do the manual calculations.

The minimum fields are listed below:

  1. Guest Name
  2. Room Number
  3. Nights
  4. Check In Date
  5. Check Out Date
  6. Status

For reservations that overlap into another month, you will need to remove nights from the previous month and add to the next month.


  • Reservation Dates 5/31/2020 - 6/6/2020

 Only 1 night room sold will be applied to the month of May. The remaining 5 room nights will be transfered to the month of June

  • Reservations that have multiple rooms

You will want to add the additional nights for the other rooms as the export will only list one of the rooms.

Room Numbers 101, 103, 105
Reservation Dates: 1/5/20 - 1/6/20

The number of nights on the export file will only show 1 for the total number of nights. It does not take into consideration there are multiple rooms thus you will need to add 2 more room nights sold to make it a total of 3 room nights sold.


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