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Distribution Currency - Everything You Need to Know


Cloudbeds PMS allows you to specify the currencies you want for your connected channels. If most of your channels use one currency, you can set a default currency, and apply that currency to your channels. You can also specify which currency to use for each unique channel you support.

If your channel needs automatic currency conversion, check in this article how to manage different currencies.

Things You Should Know Before Getting Started  

  • Cloudbeds PMS supports (is able to import) the currencies and exchange rates available here, which are updated twice daily.
  • Cloudbeds PMS does not support Digital Currencies.
  • Only connected channels with multi-currency support will be shown in the Currency page.


A Distribution Default Currency will be preset in your Cloudbeds PMS account and the currency setting for each channel (inside the channel extranet) must match the currency settings in Cloudbeds PMS.

For this reason, in the Distribution Currency page, you will find two tabs that will allow you to match currencies: Distribution Currency and Custom Currency Conversion.

 If you want to change your default application currency, reach out to our support team.

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