Translating dynamic content into multiple languages


Translating dynamic content into multiple languages

This article will walk you through the process of translating the manually added text on mybookings

Step 1: Navigate to the section that needs to be translated.

In this example we will use the property description. This is likewise applicable to room descriptions and terms and conditions.

You will see a dropdown next to the label for the text that needs to be edited. Next to it is a dropdown of all available languages. The default language appearing will be the language your property is configured to use.


Step 2: Expand the dropdown to select the language to translate to

Click on the arrow next to the language to expand the list of available languages. Select the language you would like to write the description in.

You will see a blue alert appear on the right hand side of the language selection warning you that you have selected a different language. This alert will appear after a few seconds.

Repeat this step for each language that you would like to use. If the text for a language is left empty, it will use the same text that is used for your main (default) language.


Step 3: Save the page

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