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This article will show you how to set the way invoices are generated and displayed for your guests. To learn how to generate the invoice for the guest, visit the following article: Invoicing - How to Generate and download invoices from reservations

Follow steps to configure the invoicing:

  1. Click on the gear icon in the top right corner
  2. Select Invoicing tab
  1. Select if you would like the invoice to be generated based on the country the guest is from
  2. If you selected No on the previous question, or if the language for the country of the guest is not available, select the language in which the invoice will display

If you want the invoices to be generated in one specific language, select No in the previous option and choose the language you in which you would like to generate the invoice. 

Currently, the following languages are supported:

  1. Title - This is the name of the invoice that will appear when you send an email with the invoice or download it as a PDF. If you want to name it something other than "Invoice", please do so here. 
  2. Prefix - Select any numbers or letters that you would like to appear before the sequentially generated invoice number. Example: INV-1001
  3. Starting Index Number - The number of the first invoice that gets generated. All invoices generated after will be sequential, continuing from this number. If you enter "1" here, your first invoice number will be 1, followed by 2, and so on. if you enter "1001", your first invoice number will be 1001, followed by 1002, etc.
  4. Suffix - Select any numbers or letters that you would like to after the sequentially generated invoice number. Example: 1001-POST
  5. Tax ID Number - If you would like the tax ID number to appear on the invoice, add it below. You can add up to two tax IDs.
  1. Logo - It allows you to add your property logo to display on the invoices. The recommended size is 100-pixel height and 100-pixel width.
  1. Select if you would like the invoices to be generated immediately when a new reservation is created, or generate them manually whenever you need it.

Please check further details below about each option:

DEMO - Karina's Hostel - Invoicing - Google Chrome
Generate Invoice when new reservation created

If this option is selected, each time a new reservation is created within the application (this includes both manually created reservations from within the application, as well as all the incoming reservations from your connected channels), the invoice will be generated once the reservation is complete. 

This means that you do not need to generate an invoice each time unless additional items, services and/or room revenue is added once the guest is in-house. In the event that additional charges are applied to the folio, you may wish to generate a new invoice at a later date. Please note, the default due date will start counting from the day the reservation is created.

I will generate Invoices myself

If this option is selected, an invoice will not be created until you navigate to the reservation and generate an invoice. With this option, you will be able to pick and choose which reservations have an invoice.  Learn How to Generate and download invoices from reservations

  1. Default Due Date - This refers to the number of days the guest has to pay the invoice from the time the invoice is generated.
  • If the invoice is generated immediately,  this will be the number of days to make a payment after the reservation has been created.
  • If the invoice will be issued manually, this will be the number of days after you generate the invoice.

If you do not want to display a due date on the invoice, leave this area blank.

  1. Show the room number column on the invoice - If enabled, the room number will be indicated on the invoice.
  1. Show tax specifics on the invoice - If enabled and you have multiple taxes, a breakdown of the total of each tax type will appear on the invoice
  1. Use Compact Invoices - Leaving this box unchecked, the system will generate the invoices similar to the guest folio.

Every transaction (including nightly room prices and taxes) will appear on separate lines in the invoice as shown below.

If you enable this option, the system will consolidate common transactions into their own line.

  1. Show legal company name on the invoice - The legal name will be displayed beneath the property name, above the address when the users issue the invoice.
  1. Custom Text - If you have any additional text to add to the invoice, such as directions for how to make a payment and/or any additional policies, you can add them below.

After you have populated all the information you would like to have on the invoice, save the page and click PDF Preview in the top right corner to download a PDF preview. 

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