Setup your property amenities

The amenities of your property are what make it unique. This article will walk you through the process of setting up amenities for your property and accommodation types in Cloudbeds PMS.

Access the property amenities
  1. Access the Account Settings (gear icon)
  2. Go to the Property page
  3. Open the Amenities tab
Default amenities

Default amenities:

  • Will be synced to your Cloudbeds Booking Engine
  • Will be translated to languages available in Cloudbeds PMS (Portuguese, English, Spanish and Thai)

In the Property Amenities page there is a list of default amenities, where you can filter by:

  1. Search icon: use keywords to find the amenities available at your property on the list
  2. Categories*: filter by groups of the services/amenities provided
  3. Status: filter by selected (available) amenities or unselected (unavailable) amenities
  4. Most popular with guests: this option will be shown with a star on the right and you can filter them by switching the toggle Show top amenities only
  5. Switch the toggle to the left (green) to make the amenity available at your property or switch it to the right (gray) to make it unavailable.

You can activate or deactivate a default amenity, but it is not possible to delete it from the system.

The amenities configured will be synced with your Cloudbeds Booking Engine.

*The amenities are split into 16 categories:  

  • Check-in & Front-Desk Services
  • General Guest Services
  • Pool, Spa, & Wellness
  • Entertainment & Recreation
  • Food & Beverage
  • Parking & Transportation
  • Family Services & Activities
  • Common Areas
  • Cleaning Services
  • Business Services
  • Shopping
  • Accessibility
  • Safety & Security
  • Environment & Sustainability
  • Sanitation, Hygiene, & Guest Health
  • Custom Amenity
Custom Amenities

Custom amenities:

  • Will only be synced to your Cloudbeds Booking Engine
  • Custom Amenities will not be translated to the selected language in the booking engine.

If you didn't find an available amenity on the list, create custom ones:

  1. Click on Add Custom Amenity
  2. Type the new Amenity Name
  3. Click on Save

If the Amenity you want to add already exists in the system, it will be displayed in the drop-drown menu to be selected.

The new amenity will be added to the list and it will be automatically set as available.

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