Accommodations tab


The Accommodations tab of a reservation's details provides in-depth information and options for the rooms involved.

Here is a brief overview:

  1. Edit reservation allows you to alter the details of this reservation, which includes changing the length of stay and number of guests.
  2. The reservation ID, each subsequent room after the first will have the same ID with a number added to the end of it.
    • Ex: 8675309, 8675309-2, 8675309-3, etc
  3. Room type and specific room assigned.
  4. Which guest on the reservation details is in this room. If you have not added the other guests yet, you will only be able to choose the main guest. To add an additional guest, go to the "guest details" section or edit the reservation.
  5. Whether or not a specific room is occupied yet by the guests in the reservation. Useful for split reservations or group reservations arriving at different times.
  6. Further options for that specific line of the reservation including edit departure/ arrival, edit price, edit reservation, and delete accommodation. Useful for large group and split reservations.
Here is a brief overview:
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