Add and edit primary and third-party sources to your reservation sources

There are two types of Reservation Sources in Cloudbeds PMS: the Primary Sources and Third Party Sources. Primary sources are used for creating new direct reservations from within the system. Third-party sources are used to trigger the reservations coming from OTAs, wholesalers, travel agents and corporate clients.

Check how to add each one by following the steps in this article.

Add primary sources
  1. Go to the Property page on your account settings
  2. Open the Sources tab
  3. Select Primary Sources
  4. Click to ADD SOURCE
  1. Provide a name for your source
  2. Apply a tax/fee if needed
  3. Click to SAVE

The reservation source will be added to your list.

Add third-party sources
  • Listing OTAs (channels) on this page does not connect them to your Cloudbeds PMS account. This page is for manually labeling third-party reservations only.
  • Deactivating any OTA from this page does not deactivate the connection with this channel.
  • Commissions applied to the sources on this page won't be sent to the channels. It is used for accounting purposes within Cloudbeds PMS. Visit our Commission Report to learn more.
  • If you have payment processing enabled, you need to setup processing methods for each OTA collect type on Payment Options page.
  1. On the sources tab, select Third Party Sources
  2. Click to Add new Wholesaler/OTA/Corporate Client/Travel Agent

If you connected a new channel on the distribution page, the channel will be automatically created in this page as a third-party source.

  1. For Wholesaler, Travel Agent and Corporate Client: enter the name of the source.
    For OTAs (channels): select the OTA from the drop-down list.
  1. Apply a commission, if applicable.
  2. Apply tax/fee, if needed.
  3. Click Save
  • Changing commissions fees in Cloudbeds PMS does not change your percentages on any of the OTA's (channels) extranets. The percentages added in reservations sources are ONLY for internal reporting purposes in Cloudbeds.
  • Cloudbeds does not send any commission information to OTAs or agencies.
  • When changing or adding a new commission percentage, you can recalculate previous bookings with the newly created commission (will be applied for all reservation statuses).

For channels with both Channel Collect and Hotel Collect payment methods and different commissions, the sources need to be added separately:

Check this article Applying Taxes and Fees To Reservation Sources to learn more.

Edit, activate/deactivate or delete reservation sources
  1. Switch the toggle on or off if you want to activate/deactivate a reservation source
  2. Click on the pencil icon to edit it.
  3. Click on the 'x' to delete it.
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  • This is my third urgent request for assistance. I cannot get our third party corporate activated.

    Please respond asap

  • Hi Lisa,

    Your request has been forwarded to our Support Team who will get back to you over email. We also noticed that you have an open ticket with our Customer Coaches ticket #1179653 where our coach is trying to contact you at the same email address you reached out to us.



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