How to add, edit, and view guests on a reservation


This article will walk you through the steps of managing multiple occupants for the same reservation.

Login to Myfrontdesk by Cloudbeds

Go to the "reservations" screen and click on the reservation you want to modify

Once you are in the reservation's details, click on the Guest Details tab

From this section, you can do the following:

  1. Add a guest to the reservation (Note: Reservation has to be created for>1 guests. To increase number of guests on accommodation Edit Reservation first to increase number of Adults or Children)
  2. Edit the details of a guest or print out their registration card. If an individual is not the primary guest, they can also be removed from this reservation.
  3. Take a photo of the selected guest with your webcam or another camera connected to the device you are accessing the platform from.
  4. Upload a photo you already have.
  5. Assign or reassign which rooms already booked by the reservation they are staying in.
  6. View or edit the guests personal information. This includes first and last name, email, and country of origin, which are mandatory for every guest. You can also add custom fields to this section.

Adding a New Guest To a Reservation:

To get started, click on the "Add guest" button

Adding a New Guest To a Reservation:

Fill out the new guest's information

Remember: First and last name, email, and country of origin are mandatory fields.

When you are finished, click "save"

Your guest has been added!

You can now click on "room number" to assign a room.

Your guest has been added!
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