Manage Reservation Notes

The Reservation Note is an additional space for diverse details, special requests, or important reminders regarding guest stay or guest's needs.

This article explains how to add, view and archive reservation notes.

Reservation Notes Overview

The Notes section allows you to manage your reservation notes easily. Keep notes active or archive those that you do not need anymore; you can also add notes in reservations and  Dashboard and also view them directly on Calendar.

Things to note:

  • It is possible to archive a note, but not to delete it.
  • Your guests won't see the notes. They are mostly for internal usage.
  • It's possible to export the notes from selected reservation with the Notes Report.
Add reservation notes
  1. Go to the corresponding reservation and click on the Notes tab
  2. Enter the note text
  3. Click to Submit Note
  4. Once submitted, all the notes and details will appear in Active Notes section and the number next to the Notes tab will be updated with the number of active notes
Edit reservation notes
  1. Click on the gear icon next to the note to be edited, and select Edit Note
  2. Apply the necessary changes
  3. Click to Submit Note
  4. Once saved, the new changes will be displayed
Archive reservation notes
  1. Click on the gear icon next to the note to be edited, and select Archive Note
  2. Once archived, it will be moved to the Archived Notes section.

After archiving a note, the Active Notes section will be updated showing the new number of active notes, as well as the Notes tab on top.

Other options

Add notes in the Dashboard
  1. Go to the Dashboard and click on the in the corresponding reservation status within the Reservations section
  2. Click on the small note icon near the guest name
  3. Enter the note text
  4. Click to Submit Note
  5. The note will be saved including date and time. You may close the Notes window.  
  6. Active notes will be displayed with a dot on the Dashboard
View notes in the Calendar
  1. Go to the Calendar, and click on the reservation
  2. Click on the Notes tab

If a note is displayed on the calendar but not on the Reservations Page, it means that the Note was added to the Guest Profile under the Guests tab, not on Reservation Notes tab. Check Guests Tab Overview for more information.

View notes from channel (OTA) reservations
  1. In the corresponding Reservation, click on Show More underneath reservation details.
  2. The special requests will be expanded. You may click on Show Less to hide the additional reservation information.
  • The Special Requests option will only be displayed if there exists a note or special request.
  • The special requests from OTAs can not be edited.

The manual Custom Fields will be also displayed here.  Click here to check further details.

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