Guest Notes: How can I add/modify a note from guest reservations?


We've received a lot of requests to have the option of modifying the notes.
Cloudbeds developers do their best to add as many new options and features as possible, that's why we're happy to inform that with new release (June 2017) it's possible to modify the notes.

New possibilities are:

  • The ability to edit notes.
  • The  ability to archive notes.
  • Notes can be separated into two sections: Active and Archived.
  • On the Reservation and on Calendar it will show number of active notes.

Below we'll show how each improvement looks and works.

Once you click inside the booking details, you will see the "Notes" option, there you can submit a note.

Enter the note and click Submit. Now this note will appear in active notes.

You can easily submit new one by adding the note in the same way.

After the improvement you can have as many notes as you need.

Active note can be edited or archived.

You can easily edit the note.

If you'll click on Archive the note, it will be removed from active notes and will appear in Archived notes.

If you want to make this note active again, you can always restore it.

The following number (in the image below) you can view on booking details and in the calendar (by clicking in the guest name). It includes all notes: guest and reservation.

The difference among them is that "Reservation notes" will be available only for that specific reservation. "Guest Notes" is linked to Guest Profile. When you add a note on a guest profile, every time this guest stays there (and use this profile), you will see that note. It's used for notes such as: "smoking person", "high floor preferably" etc. To add a note to the guest profile, you will want to access the "Guests" option on your top menu.

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