Police Report


A guest report with all of the in-house guests, used for submitting (either direct entry, or export/import) to the government.

Purpose: Submitting a list of all in-house guests to the government is required in many countries.

Things to Note:

-By default this report is not activated for all accounts. Please email support@cloudbeds.com to have it turned on.

-Only in-house guests will appear on the police report.

How to Use

1. Navigate to Reports

2. Select 'Police Report'

When you first navigate to the screen you will see a table format showing a list of all in-house guests, with ability to export. ONLY the in-house guests will be listed on this report.

A reservation with a status of Confirmed, No Show, or Checked Out will not appear on this list. As soon as the guest is checked out, that guest will be removed from this report.

  1. You can filter by reservation, customer, reservation id, room type, check-in/check-out dates, condition and status.
  2. You can configure how the report is exported.
  3. You can export this report based on the configurations you set up.

Reservation Conditions

Condition is used to determine whether the data for that guest has already been sent to the police, and if it has, whether it needs to be re-sent. All the guests will be listed on the report regardless of condition.

  • New - As soon as a room is checked in, all the guests (including additional guests) that are assigned to that room will be added to the police report with a condition of “New.” All guests that are in-house will always have a “New” condition until it is manually updated to a different status.
  • Sent - After you submit the list of in-house guests to the police, go to the report, select the list of guests that were sent, and update the condition of those guests from “New” to “Sent.”
  • Modified - The system will automatically change the condition to Modified if any of these changes occur:
    • Arrival date changed
    • Departure date changed
    • Room Type changed
    • Room Number changed
    • Guest name is changed

Change Condition

After you have sent the police report or if you need to edit a condition:

  1. First select the guests
  2. Then change to your desired condition (normally you will be changing to Sent)
  3. Finally click the Change Condition button

Configure the exported report

You can configure the exported police report to how you need it.

  1. Choose which fields will be included
  2. Change the field order by clicking and dragging
  3. Add additional custom fields
  4. Choose an export file type (pdf, txt, xls, csv)
  5. Change the guest name format
  6. Change date format
  7. Choose whether you export all or based on condition filter
  8. Select option to exclude guests that are from same country as your property

Set all of your options and click save. Now when you click export it will use these settings.

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