Why does my availability on Booking.com show "R" for restricted?


When logging into booking.com, you may notice that your Rates are listed with a "R", meaning the Rate has a restriction.  This may be confusing, if you did not mean to place a restriction on the rate.

Why this happens

When Myallocator sends Rates & Availabilities to channels, the information must be sent based on the restrictions that the channel stipulates.  In the case of booking.com, they only allow a maximum of 31 days.  

Since there is a maximum stay set on booking.com's side, the Rate is interpreted as having a Restriction (31 days max).  Because of this restriction, the Rate is displayed with a "R".  For that reason, you can ignore the "R" listed on your rate if you did not set any restrictions to the rate yourself.

How to resolve

This restriction can be removed by checking the appropriate box in the booking.com setup within the distribution section of myfrontdesk

  1. Click on the settings icon
  2. Go to the "channels" page in the distribution section
  3. Click on Booking.com
  4. Next
  5. Next on the Room Mapping screen
  6. Next on the Rate Selection Screen (if your account has that option)
  7. Next on the channel-specific Rate Difference screen
  8. On the channel-specific Options screen, check the "Do not transmit Max Length of Stay (will improve ranking position)" box
  9. Next
  10. Back to Overview

Send a Full Refresh by clicking on the blue "Full Refresh" button in the upper right corner of distribution.

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