No Show Report


This report lists all of the No Show reservations for the current date, any date or date range. No show booking means a reservation that was either put to No Show status on reservation details page manually, or confirmed but never checked in and had their status changed to No Show.

Navigate to No Show Report

1. Login to your Myfrontdesk account and go to Reports tab

2. Go to 'Daily Activity Reports'

3. Select 'No Show Report'

How to Use No Show Report

1) Applying Filters

When open up the report you can filter by:

  1. search for certain reservation #, bookings for specific room type or filter by guest name
  2. you may also filter by guest check-in date
  3. click 'Submit' to apply check-in date
  4. click 'Apply' to generate the invoice according to the filters

NOTE: The report will initially default to yesterday's date

If you wish to generate the invoice according to the room type or guest name (without applying check-in date filter), just click 'Clear' under Check in Date filter  

2) Checking the report

The report shows the following fields regarding No Show reservations:

  1. Reservation/Confirmation Number
  2. Guest Name
  3. Guest Surname
  4. Arrival Date
  5. Departure Date
  6. Room Type Booked
  7. Reservation Source
  8. Source Reservation ID (for OTA bookings)

You may filter the list by clicking arrow-icon in front of the tabs

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