Closeouts - Set channel specific inventory blocks

In the Closeouts page, you can stop selling your inventory on selected channels for a specific period of time. This article will guide you on how to create closeouts (blocks), edit or remove existing ones.

Adding a closeout using the steps below will ONLY close inventory on the selected channels. You will still have inventory on your Cloudbeds Booking Engine and within the Cloudbeds PMS system for direct bookings.

Create a channel Closeout

In the Distribution page,

  1. Open the Closeouts tab
  2. Click on + New Date Range button

In Add New Date Range window,

  1. Set start and end date for closeout period
  2. Select the channels to be closed
  3. Select the room types to be blocked
  4. Click Save to add the closeout interval

If you have connected a channel and it does not appear on the drop-down list, it means that we do not support sending closeouts to this channel yet.

The closeout and its details will be displayed on the Closeout page. The channels and rooms chosen will be blocked for the period of time selected.

You may add several closeouts for different periods, channels and rooms (for example, for low and high seasons).

You can always Edit or Delete a channel Closeout by clicking the gear icon next to the closeout desired and select to:

  1. Edit the Closeout or
  2. Delete the Closeout

It is possible to track the changes made to Closeouts in Cloudbeds Activity Log.  Select the following filters under Change Made:

  • Channel Closeout Created: shows when Closeout has been created;
  • Channel Closeout Modified: tracks whether the channels, date range or accommodations have been modified in Closeout;
  • Channel Closeout Removed: shows when the Closeout was deleted.
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