Cash Drawers for Multiple Users


Can I create different Cash Drawers for multiple users?

Yes! You can create different cash drawers. You can have one crash drawer created under each user name. However, you will be able to access only one cash drawer at a time.

Step 1 - Create a New User

1- At the top right corner of your screen, click on the setting icon.

2- Click on users

Step 1 -  Create a New User

Step 2 - Create a Role

1- Click on roles

2- Click +Add

Step 2 - Create a Role

Step 3- Choose what features the user will be able to see.

1- Add a role name of your choice.

2- Enable or disable any options you want, to adjust the user's right.

Step 4 - Create a User

1- Go to the user widget

2- Enter Email and set up a password for your user

3- Select the role of the user

Step5- Create a Crash Drawer

1- Click on the crash drawer icon from your panel.

2- Create / Modify Cash Drawers

3- + Cash Drawer

4- Add the drawer name

5- Add the starting balance

6- Save Cash Drawer

Step5- Create a Crash Drawer

You are Done!

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