How to add a cash payment to the reservation?


This article will explain how to add cash payment to the reservation when you have the cash drawer feature.

To add the payment to the booking, please, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the reservation tab.
  2. Find the booking you need and click on it.
  3. On the booking page click on the Folio.

4. Click the button 'Add payment'.

Now you can add payment details. 

When you have the cash drawer feature enabled, 3 options will be offered on this step:

  • Add to currently open drawer.
  • Open Cash Drawer.
  • Proceed Without Opening Cash Drawer.

It helps to avoid a lot of clicks and popups when the drawer is opened by another user.

Please note that if you have already opened a cash drawer under your user log-in, the below screen is not applicable. The system recognizes the user posting the transaction and will automatically post cash to the open cash drawer associated.

If you don't have open cash drawer, you'll see the following warning message:

Once all of the details have been added, click on 'Continue' and the payment will be added to the reservation and can be checked in transactions.

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