How to Set Different Commissions for Third Party Sources


Important Note: The percentages added in reservations sources are ONLY for internal reporting purposes in myfrontdesk. Changing this does not change or alter your percentages on any of the OTA'a extranets. Myfrontdesk does not send any commission information to OTAs or agencies.

Navigate to Commission Settings

1. Login to Myfrontdesk and click gear icon on the right top corner of the screen

2. Click on Reservation Sources under Property Configuration tab

3. Go to Third-Party Sources tab

Setting Commissions for Third Party Sources

STEP 1: Select "Third Party Sources" tab

STEP 2: Choose OTA that you want to set commission for and click 'Configure Taxes/Fees for Source'

Note: If you are not editing but adding a new OTA with a commission then click the "Add New OTA" link next to OTA section'

STEP 3: Insert the commission and click SAVE

In case the tax is not applicable for the source you may leave tax field set to [None]

When changing or adding new commission percentage you can recalculate previous bookings adding newly created commission to them (will be applied for all reservation statuses) (this functionality is available starting from May 2017)

Click YES if you want to recalculate the previous reservations

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