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This article will review the unique way in which Cloudbeds sends rates and availability from myallocator (channel manager by Cloudbeds) to Hostelworld and how this relates to Hostelworld issues.

What are the Hostelworld Room Types?

A double room has 1 bed which sleeps 2 people. Only 2 people can sleep in a double room.

A twin room has 2 beds and sleeps 2 people only.

A tent will be found in any property type classified as Campsite. It will be a canvas structure with a small bed that will normally sleep mixed genders.

Dorm rooms are shared with other people and they will usually have bunk-style beds.

A private room/family room/apartment is a room where you will need to book the entire room. For example, three guests booking a four-bed private room will need to select and pay for four guests if they wish to have a private room.
If you set your preference to a private room and there is no private room available, the website will offer you the best alternative available.

How does Hostelworld handle Private Rooms?

Hostelworld only accepts rates as per person which works great for dorms but has the potential for issues with Private Rooms.

See quote from Hostelworld:

All rates need to be submitted per person. Rates for private rooms are then multiplied by the total capacity of the room. Capacity of Double Room is always “2” because you can accommodate 2 people in that room. We do not sell double rooms for single occupancy and thus total rate for this room is always the same.

  1. Each room type in Hostelworld also has a total capacity, if the occupancy of a private room in myfrontdesk / myallocator does not match up with the capacity of that room type in Hostelworld, 2 things will happen:

    1. Hostelworld may not accept our availability and rate update, or
    2. The rate we send to Hostelworld will be wrong

Example of correct configuration:

How do we send rates to Hostelworld?

Myallocator sends rates to Hostelworld in a unique way - it sends the rate per person.

For dorm room types it sends the rate per each bed but for Private Rooms, myallocator takes the rate and divides it by occupancy. See examples below:


Let's suppose that you have a 3 Bed Dorm and the room rate is $15:

In this case, myallocator takes 3 Bed Dorm Rate: $15 and because in myallocator, occupancy for Dorms means beds, it sends $15 for each bed.

Bed 1: $15
Bed 2: $15
Bed 3: $15

Hostelworld shows the Rate per Bed as $15 - EASY AND CORRECT!

Private Rooms

Let's suppose that you have a Double Room and the room rate is $30.

In this case, myallocator takes the Standard Double Room Rate of $30 and divides by the occupancy of 2.

The rate of $30 divided by the occupancy of 2 =  Cloudbeds sends $15 rate per person to Hostelworld.

The security code (CVV) for credit cards are not available, how to proceed?

For PCI compliance, Hostelworld does not store CVV codes, so they can not provide it to us because they do not have it.

If you are using a payment gateway: It depends on both the gateway company and the security settings the individual accounts have enabled. A lot of gateways allow you to charge without the CVV code. Please contact the payment gateway company directly for further details.

If you do not use a payment gateway: contact the guest directly to request this information, if desired.

How does the Hostelworld "Stop Sell" functionality work with myfrontdesk?

Stop Sell is a rate plan restriction that is commonly used by OTAs/properties. It allows properties to stop selling rooms on individual rate plans for a time of the property's choosing.

When you click on this feature on your Hostelworld extranet, you'll notice this warning: "The Stop Sell functionality should be handled through your Channel Manager."

As of December 11, 2019 - Myallocator (channel manager by Cloudbeds) updated the Hostelworld integration to support Closeouts to this channel. Please check further information on this article: Hostelworld Integration Updates (December 2019)

Myallocator only supports managing one rate plan (base rate). It means that when a room is marked as "closed", it closes the availability for all Hostelworld rate plans.

What's the difference between Stop-Sell and 0 Availability?

Zero availability = all rooms occupied

Stop sell (aka Closed) is the same as sending 0 availability, however, the reason for the flag is so that you do have to overwrite your typical inventory for that day.

If you typically sell 10 rooms, but maybe there is a temporary reason that you need to close off that day(s) - like maintenance - you can set the flag which will overwrite the 10 rooms of inventory.

If the maintenance issue is fixed and you can start selling rooms for a date again you simply delete the flag and you are able to immediately sell 10 rooms again.

In short, it's a way to overwrite inventory to zero, but still, retain the original count in the "background" in case you want to lift the stop sell.

How does Minimum and Maximum Length of Stay work with Hostelworld?

As of December 11, 2019 - Myallocator (channel manager by Cloudbeds) updated the Hostelworld integration to support Minimum and Maximum Length of Stay restrictions to this channel.

  • If you do not set anything on myfrontdesk, Hostelworld will default to Minimum Length of Stay = 1 and Maximum Length of Stay = 14
  • The lowest Minimum Length of Stay / Maximum Length of Stay that can be received by Hostelworld is 1.
  • The highest Minimum Length of Stay / Maximum Length of Stay that can be received by Hostelworld is 14.
  • So if you have Minimum Length of Stay / Maximum Length of Stay higher than 14 set on your Cloudbeds account, Hostelworld will default to 14 due to the limitation on their side.
How to Sync myfrontdesk Rate Plans to Hostelworld?

As of March 2020 you can sync your myfrontdesk Rate Plans & Packages and sync with Hostelworld. Check further information on this article: How to sync Rate Plans to Distribution Channels?

Please note that this feature is currently in a pilot phase and not enabled for all users. If you would like to join the pilot, please email

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