Can I create an Invoice for each guest?


With Split Folio functionality it's possible to generate several invoices based on each guest's folio

NOTE: You must have invoicing enabled on your account.

Step 1. Create separate folios for each guest

1. In reservation go to Folio
2. If you have an existing folio for 1st guest which needs to be changed - click pencil icon
3. To add folio for the second guest click 'Add folio'

3. Enter folio name
4. Select transaction types which should post to this folio
All transaction types will be moved to the folios specified within that configuration. If all transaction types are not selected underneath a particular folio, then all the transaction types that are not selected should always post to the first folio.
Click SAVE

  • Each transaction type can only be selected once in each folio
  • This does not mean that a transaction posted manually cannot be posted to a folio where that transaction type is not selected

5. You can move transactions between folios created by clicking 'Move Transactions'

Learn more about split folio functionality in our Knowledge Base: Folio Tab In Reservation

Step 2. Generate invoice based on each folio

1. In reservation click 'Actions' and select 'Generate new invoice'

2. Select the folio(s) for which you want to generate invoice and click Continue. For example, Guest 1 folio. The invoice will be generated with all transactions added to 'Guest 1 folio', and invoice will appear in Documents tab

3. Now you can generate invoice for the second guest: click 'Actions' again and select 'Guest 2 folio'

Selecting several folios does NOT mean several invoices will be generated, it means that transactions from selected folios will be added to one invoice.

In example below selecting 'Guest 1 folio' will generate one invoice showing only transactions from 'Guest 1 folio'

Selecting option like shown below will generate one invoice with all the transactions (from both 'Guest 1 folio' and 'Guest 2 folio'):

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