Mapping Your Taxes and Fees Between Myfrontdesk and Distribution Channels


When setting up and mapping your connection with a distribution channel, myfrontdesk needs to have the same taxes set in its system as those on your OTAs.

If your rates are inclusive on myfrontdesk then they would need to also be inclusive on any channels you connect with and vice-versa.

As an example, if you had a 15% VAT (Value Added Tax) on your Expedia account, you would also need to also have a 15% VAT setup in myfrontdesk to ensure the total for reservations from that channel displayed at the correct amount. 


To ensure your taxes and fees match, you can do one of the following:

Option A

Remove the taxes from your channels and have your rates inclusive of taxes and fees on all platforms. This is normally the easiest option if possible.

Option B

Adjust all rates and rate intervals so they no longer include taxes/fees. Once you do that, follow the steps below:

  1. Create your taxes/fees in myfrontdesk

Click here to learn more about taxes and fees setup in myfrontdesk.

DEMO - Karina's Hostel - Taxes and Fees - Google Chrome
  1. Apply your taxes and Fees to Reservation Sources

Click here to learn how to apply your taxes to your reservation sources

  1. Select the type of taxes/fees that you would like to charge in addition to your daily room rate
  2. Click the blue SAVE button
  3. Select NO when the following message appears:"WARNING: Do you want to recalculate all reservations with taxes & fees?"
    • If you do accidentally click yes: Disable taxes again, click save, and select yes a second time to reverse the changes
  4. Make sure you have the same taxes on each of your channel
DEMO - Karina's Hostel - Reservation Sources - Google Chrome
DEMO - Karina's Hostel - Reservation Sources - Google Chrome

Note: If you have reservations from a channel that need to have tax added to them in myfrontdesk, adjust the rates manually back up to what they would be if inclusive

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