Why is my credit card getting declined?


There are some cases where customers will receive an error saying that your credit card has been declined when trying to make a payment to Cloudbeds in the billing portal.  

When we send transaction attempts we do not receive many details, except that the card was declined. Please check a few solutions below


To fix the issue please try these options:

  • Please contact your bank / credit card issuer and mention you have been trying to make payments to us (company name Digital Arbitrage Inc.) but they are being declined. They might be able to lift the blockage
  • Triple-check the card information listed under your account. Any typo (i.e. name on card misspelled) can be a reason for decline
  • If you have another card, please try using it too
  • Eventually, you may try linking your credit card information to a PayPal account, and then use PayPal as a payment method. However, if the block is at your bank/issuer, this might have the same results.
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